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In Reality: The Man You Want or Want To Be??

There are a couple of commercials that comes on somewhat regularly on one of the stations my parents have via their digital antenna television that drives me and my mom crazy, and I’m sure that the guys out aren’t thrilled about it either.  It’s for Ageless Male and Cenegenics.  The first is a pill and the latter is something; not a pill, not a surgery…  It never really comes out and says what Cenegenics is.  Anyway.  It shows these guys in their 40s through 70s with bodies like a 20 year old weight lifter and gym junkie.  To me, that is unappealing but the message is that men have to look like that to get the women.  And the women shown as their partners are hot, young things.  That simply reinforces their main point.

Some men age gracefully:  Sir Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, George Clooney, and can’t forget my guys in Duran Duran.  They are sexy older men.  Not because of their bodies but because they look distinguished in a good-looking, dapper sort of way.  These commercials are pushing men to have the tight, muscled body to get a woman.  Plain exercise and a good diet will get better results IN REALITY that will be more appealing to the majority of women!  I haven’t talked to many guys about this particular portrayal of older men, but in my opinion, it’s insulting to a man.  I wonder if these products really do what they say they will do…  I know that we are a culture wear men and women are pressured to look younger, no matter what your age.  Some people go through great lengths to look younger while the majority of us over the age of 40 don’t think that looking younger is the most important thing on our list.  What do you think??


Men over 50 that are sexy just the way they are!