Photo Exhibit by Nick Rhodes

For anyone that lives in or around London, there is going to be a what should be a spectacular photography exhibit at The Vinyl Factory Chelsea from March 8th-April 5th.  Nick Rhodes, keyboardist and co-founder of Duran Duran is having an exhibition of his Polaroids and photos that coincides with the release of the album Bored with Prozac and the Internet? by TV Mania (made up of Rhodes and former Duran Duran member and guitarist Warren Cuccurullo).  This should be an awesome exhibition, and hope other photos of the Polaroids are released for viewing!

Nick Rhodes is no stranger to photography.  In 1984, he released a book of abstract Polaroids that he took from various televisions throughout the world.  He adjusted the tv’s setting until they distorted the photo then took a Polaroid of the screen.  As one that loves photography, I really enjoyed his book.  It was something new and exciting!


I bought a copy when it was released in 1984 and after 26 years, finally had the opportunity to have Nick autograph it.  It was worth the wait!

Fast forward to 2013.  If anyone has been following the TV Mania tweets that I’ve posted on here, you’ve gotten a taste of the Polaroid photos that Rhodes has included as part of this exhibition and the project.  These are a few examples:


Nick Rhodes always has his camera with him, even on-stage during a concert.  It is very rare that he shares his photography with the world.  The concert photos are used on Duran Duran’s official website.  He is always taking photos of all kinds of things from all around the world.  He once said that during this break (before they go back in the studio to record studio album #14) he’d like to go through his photographs and maybe put them up on his website.  **Just a note here:  He’s owned since the dawning of the internet, I believe.  But honestly, it’s been decades.**   Rhodes says that Polaroids are a one shot photo and they aren’t digitally enhanced afterwards.  That’s what I think is awesome.  With all the photo editing software out there, it’s easy to fix a flaw.  But why?  It was already there to begin with and is part of the photo.  I could go off on a tangent, but I’ll save it for another time…

For more information, go to the revealing article on Duran’s official website:


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